How GetSocialChurch Began – “Is This It?”

Church Growth SystemThis past year has been a blur.  When God began revealing what he wanted us to build, it seemed like a simple enough task.  Boy was I mistaken!


Tom and I have each been into many forms of marketing and advertising, both online and offline.  We were developing systems to help businesses reach a broader market and were extremely good at it. That was before we knew that God had other plans for us.


One morning while at my local coffee shop I found myself praying while pretending to “work.”  I was bored out of my mind actually… doing the same repetitive processes, web design, business consulting, keeping up with the latest search engine trends, and my favorite…Geo-data marketing that I did everyday that I was not flying airplanes.   See, that even put you to sleep!


I was reflecting on my life that morning and asked God, “Is this it?”  Now, I am sure many of you have asked that question yourself.  I wanted something more, something bigger than who I am.  I knew what Tyler was capable of, but what if I let God use me for His purpose in a way that I had never done…


I met Tom Osypian through a web forum about offline marketing.  It later became a Skype group (affectionately known as the Wolf Pack) which meets daily to discuss new ideas, technologies, and provides a place where we talk openly about how to best serve our clients.  Tom and I had worked together on a number of projects and our personalities seemed to really compliment each other.  I was uncertain if Tom was a believer, but he always presented himself as such.


I remember that day well.  Over a Skype chat, I told Tom that I felt an emptiness and that I was no longer fulfilled doing what I was.  He told me that he was in the same position as well.  Our conversation went on for quite awhile during which time, we discovered that we had each served in various forms of ministry throughout the years and that we each were feeling called to do what we had been doing for businesses, but instead, we were to do it for the Church.


Church Growth…. well that is almost laughable.  What qualifies me to help with, of all things, the Church?  Tom and I found ourselves asking each other that question many times over the last year and we now understand how God can use ANYONE to do his work first hand.


We asked ourselves based on our experience where Churches in general FAIL.  The initial answer to that question was obvious right away… Social Media.


Where else in the World is there such a plentiful harvest and a hunger for knowledge than social media. At the time we began our company, there were 600 million people on Facebook, 250 million on myspace, 70 million on Linkedin, and over 100 million people on twitter.  Only a very small percentage of churches have social media accounts, and even those which do, do not come close to the full potential of its power.


GetSocialChurch was founded Tuesday Nov. 16, 2010 by 2 guys passionate about Christ and technology. It is our mission to enable church growth through social media and to help missionaries throughout the world raise funds necessary for their calling.  We use the latest technologies in Social media, Custom Facebook Pages, email marketing, lead generation, web design, video creation, After Effects, search engine optimization, Google places, and many more technologies to help grow churches.


Our initial thought was to build custom landing pages for churches using Facebook technologies.  While it was a pretty neat idea, it was not what all God intended.  Little did we know what we would be entrusted with, and what it will become.

   more to come


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  1. Iam a pastor with a Degree in Biblical Studies and my wish is start this church right here in Malawi. Help me please.


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