Our Beta Program Launches Soon… Is Your Church Ready?

We Are Honored

We are honored by so many people who have decided to become beta users of our church growth system- InviteToChurch.  We are thrilled to announce that church leaders from around the globe have signed up.  Even more impressive is what is coming in the first addition.  Our software engineers have really blown us away with their abilities, so we decided to push the envelope on our first release.

We are pleased that you see the value in using Facebook as a way to reach your community.  It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but  by maximizing your Church Facebook page, you can  create a wonderful experience for both your members and your community.  Lets take a looks at the benefits of a fanpage:


Fanpage Benefits

  • Facebook can be visible on the internet to non-Facebook members (although only Facebook members can interact with them)
  • Fanpages can be highly customized
  • Fanpages can the same look and feel as your church website
  • Facebook fanpages enhance the first time visitor experience allowing you to put your best foot forward.
  • With fanpages you have the ability to add applications such as InviteToPray, InviteToChurch, and custom landing pages as well as many others
  • Facebooks also gives you insight and statistics into people who interact with your fanpage


As you can see, Fanpages are great tools and we only listed a few of their benefits.


Potential Problems With Your Church Facebook Page

While reviewing each beta application, we noticed a number of  applicants have one of two common Facebook setup problems.


1.  Your Church was setup as an individual

2.  Your Church page was setup as a group or community page


We can easily help you get these errors fixed.  Simply follow the steps below to determine whether your Facebook page was setup properly and if so, how to quickly correct them.  The proper set up of your church’s Facebook account will insure installation and operation of our software during the testing phase.


When you login to your Facebook church page, do you login as your church (church is a person) , or do you login to your personal Facebook account?


Church Account

If you login as your Church (as an individual or the same as you login to your personal account) proceed to Why You Should Not Setup Your Church As An Individual 


Personal Account

If you log into your account under your personal Facebook, great job, but we are not out of the woods just yet, you need to check one more thing; Proceed to  Why You Should Not Setup Your Church As A Group




  1. the action step links don’t take me to action steps…

    • Thanks for catching my mistake Ed 🙂 They were set to private.

  2. I’ve set up the fan page for the church. What are the next steps for getsocialchurch? When will we find out whether we made it into the program?

    • Hi Paul,

      I sent you an email. Great job on the Facebook setup!


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