Why You Should Not Setup Your Church As A Group

If you made it to this step, you have narrowed your potential problems to only one.  

Is your Church page setup as a religious organization / business page or as a group/ community page?


Group/ Community Pages


Group Page Example:

Facebook Group Page


Community Page Example:  

If your Church page was set up as a group or community page, all is not lost!  A couple things about group pages:


Group/Community Page Cons

  • Groups are only visible to Facebook members
  • Groups cannot have extra applications added to them
  • You generally have to visit a group regularly and to use the messaging feature to keep discussions flowing
  • After a certain undisclosed number of members, Facebook reserves the right to take away your admin rights


We recommend that instead of a group page you create a religious organization fanpage:


You can fix this error in a few short steps and 2 minutes of your time:


Get Started

  1. Login to your personal Facebook account
  2. Click:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
  3. Choose: “Organization.”
  4. Select: “Church/religious”
  5. Add church name
  6. Check the box agreeding to their terms
  7. Click: “Get Started”



You have now correctly setup your church Fanpage!              

 Correct Fanpage Setup:


You can add your church staff or anyone else you trust as an admin for your church page.  Begin using this page as your primary account. We recommend that whatever you post, post on this page as well as your original account for couple weeks in order to populate the new account and also, educate your fans(members) to ‘like” your new page. You have now completed your task to prepare for the InviteToChurch app.

Look for more tips soon on how to tweak your Facebook fanpage for maximum visibility.


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