How GetSocialChurch Began – “Is This It?” Part Two

Church Growth SystemReflecting back, there are few times in my life that I had such clarity… the day I asked my wife to marry me and the day I was called into this ministry. My wife and I are soon to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. Thankfully, we have had many more wonderful years than bad ones. What I have learned through it is that in everything that we do, we have seasons. Not like the weather, but in life. Joy, exuberance, grief, disappointment and hope, along with many others, follow us in all walks of our lives.

The same can be said for our ministry. At GetSocialChurch, we have faced all sorts of trials but have also had many joys creating what God birthed in our spirits. I think it is exciting how God teaches us in steps. He never gives us more than we can handle. Honestly, I can tell you we wanted to be finished with this journey months and months ago yet He has taken His time. You see, everything happens in God’s timing.

We wanted to to reach one million people, He wants 50 million plus. We wanted to make something simple and get our product out, He wanted us to build it to His specifications to be used for His Glory. We wanted to listen to all the greatest marketers, “if you are not embarrassed about your product after you launch, you launched too late”, He wanted to show us that He is the #1 marketing coach on the planet. Understand this, we could take credit for traditional marketing methods but God wanted us to do things way out of the norm so that He would get credit where it is most certainly due.

One thing that I urge you to do in your seasons… Listen and Obey! God supplies everything you need to fulfill your purpose.

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  1. To

    Dear pastors, ministries, all of you

    Greetings to you in the name of our lord saviour christ

    this is good news for us becuase of 26-7-2001 pastor john david got married with aruna in india ,so 11 years over with his grace of god with 2 gifted childrens ,so tomarrow we will make a small vow meeting
    so please pray for us
    special thanks to pastor Tyler


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